Disney Vacation!

So for anyone interested in reading, this is my first ever blog post! Yay! I decided I should get into the habit of documenting a few of my sessions to make my experience, as a photographer, more personal to connect with you guys. I also decided that I wanted to do a series of photoshoots and interview those individuals to spotlight their AMAZING qualities. I’ve done a few yoga sessions, a boudoir session, I have a ballet one in the works, an actual medium (SOOO EXCITED!!!) and someone who I feel is an inspiration to so many. I chose to do these sessions for myself. I imagine them and run with what I envision.

For those that may stumble across my blog and have no idea who I am, I’ll summarize it. I own and operate my own photography business in Dallas, Pennsylvania. This adventure started as a hobby back in 2012 when my mom bought me my first DSLR as a wedding present. BEST GIFT EVER!!! I met my high school sweetheart in 2006 (Algebra 2), married him in 2013 and have 2 quirky and very handsome boys (2 & 8 months) as of 2017. I also have a 7-year-old black lab who’s completely insane. He’s very well trained (I also have a hidden dog trainer talent) and he models some ridiculous setups or me. I lost my father to a freak electrocution accident when I was only 6.5 months old. His last name is Gower, hence the “G.” in Kelsey G. Photography. My mom met another man when I was 4, then they married when I was 9. He became my step-father and essentially, my best friend. Unfortunately, the best are always taken way too soon. Cancer got the best of him in May 2016 after his courageous 3 year battle. That hit me hard and it still feels like I lost my rock just yesterday. I became a Patriots fan because of him. I’m a die hard. It’s pretty sickening at times. I think that about sums up my life history at the moment.

Okayyy. Now, onto the fun stuff. My crazy self decided to start coaching an All-Star cheerleading squad back in October of last year. Shout out to Blue Starz! I cheered for 18 years, so it kinda stuck with me. The girls made it to All Star Cheerleading Nationals in Florida, which is where the inspiration for this blog post stemmed from. Our girls took 1st place in the Level 4 Senior Division, just in case you were wondering. đŸ˜‰

Where to begin… So for anyone that knows me, knows I’m such an adult child. Not to mistake that for being immature, but I’m a child at heart. I was ecstatic to go to Disney. I haven’t gone there in 7 years, but my husband beat me with 20 years. We decided to invite my mom along with us to help up out with the kiddos. Our flight was scheduled for 7:30pm, but was delayed until some time after 8. We didn’t physically take off until after 9. No biggie. As soon as we get there, we headed down for luggage, car seats and our double stroller. Turns out the airline broke my double stroller. Mind you, it’s after midnight when all of this went down. I was not a happy camper. I complained and moved on. We went to pick up our car. We have a 2-hour grace period, so 2am was the deadline for the car. We start standing in line at 1am for the car. Once we FINALLY got to the counter, it was after 2. The woman tried telling me that they cancelled my reservation because it was passed the 2-hour grace period, even though I was standing in line. Yeah, she didn’t win that one. (**Whenever we’ve rented a car since I’ve been alive, we used a debit card with no problems.**) She, then, asked for license and payment. I hand over my bank card. Nope! They only accept major credit cards, which none of us had. It’s about 2:30am at this point. We had to get shuttled back to the airport. Exhausted all options, so we ended up taking a cab. When all was said and done, we got to bed around 3:30/4am. I was quite grumpy in the morning since my internal clock always jolts me around 6:30/7am. Fast forward to later that day, we went to Magic Kingdom. I was happy again. There’s just something about the Disney atmosphere that makes me feel such excitement even thinking about it. We didn’t really do much there since we were all exhausted from the night before. We were able to catch the parade and my oldest, Braylen (2yo) was sooo excited to see all of the different characters, especially Mickey and Minnie. There was also a dragon in the parade and we heard about that dragon for the entire trip. Skip over the weekend (cheer competitions and Atlanta Braves game). On Monday, we went to Animal Kingdom. This is my favorite place EVER since I’m an animal lover + The Lion King is my favorite movie ever made. One of my late uncles loved that movie, which brought it closer to me, and now, more than ever since my father-daughter dance was to “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”. Our first adventure was the safari!

Karson couldn’t hang for our 9am safari adventure.
Braylen was fascinated by all of the animals.


After the safari, we walked around until it was time for the Lion King show. It was amazing, as usual! Shortly after, we took a train to Rafiki’s Planet.



He wanted nothing more than to pet this cow.

We walked around until we finally met up with my mother. By this point, I almost passed out from hunger + the heat. Mind you, we just left 3ft. of snow and came into summer weather. We decided to dine at the Rainforest Cafe, then check out DinoLand U.S.A. for Bray. He rode his first ride! That was the biggest accomplishment to me since he literally is afraid of it. Guess what!? HE LOVED IT! I’m a thrillseeker, so I need someone to accompany my craziness. After exploring all that DinoLand had to offer, he asked for one toy since we’ve been there. It was a light up bubble blower. How could I say no?!


We spent a good 10 hours at the park that day. The kids were wired and ready to go, but us parents were ready for bed!


Tuesday was our last day. It was sad for me, but everyone was exhausted from all of the week-long activities and they were ready to say their good-byes. Before we got on the bus, I did a little photoshoot with my boys. Well, actually Karson because Braylen is always on a picture strike. I wonder why…


We spent the day at Hollywood Studios. I love that park for 2 reasons: The Tower of Terror and The Rockin’ Rollercoaster. I waited quite some time for both, but they were totally worth it!

tower of terror
I make this same face every time I ride!

Then came homecoming… We arrived at the airport and after waiting for every parent + cheerleader to make their way through, we almost missed our flight, even though we were there 2 hours prior. The flight ran rather smoothly until we got back to Philly. Apparently with the wind shears, when we were landing, we couldn’t touchdown and had to take back off to try and land again. That was a bit crazy, but we survived!

It stunk coming home to freezing weather, but Mother Nature seems like she’s trying to bring Spring around now. I can’t wait to enjoy the gorgeous weather that is to come and take advantage of it with the many photoshoots I have booked.

If you made it to the end (God bless you), thank you for reading! I’m looking forward to utilizing this quite a bit more and I promise you, my posts won’t compare to the length of this one! Haha!